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warsaw afrobeat orchestra

Man is enough

The album contains ten sogs kept in the afrobeat/afrofunk style, except Intro which is establishing for the tradition of the Berberian music and the Polish folklore. Compositions have more international accents mainly thanks to musical layer, but also thanks to guests who took part in recordings. Apart from the eleven members of WAO in "Man is enough" it is possible to hear two outstanding Polish vocalists Weronika Grozdew-Kołacińska and ShataQS, and leading musicians of the afrobeat stage Dele Sosimi and Kaleta (LeonLigan-Majek). Recordings are development of direction appointed by musicians on the first WAO album Wëndelu. Works aren't classical afrobeat, are rather inspired by the Afro and the funk music, it is possible to find also a lot of references to Polish etno/folk. Man is enough is a musical hybrid which funk groove is merging.

Man Is Enough - Teaser

Iza Byra - vocal
Magdalena Ku¶ - vocal
Anna Piotrowska - vocal
Jan Jędrzejczyk - piano
Wojciech Trusewicz - guitar
Rafał Gańko - trumpet
Adam Kłosiński - trombone
Karol Gołowacz - saxophone
Janusz Sobolewski - bass
Igor Chołda - percussion
Dariusz "PepciaQ" Daniszewski - drums